The spring time is the best! 🙂 The village always move to the meadow. Like an ant hill! If I am outside everbody stop in front of my house and talk to me. I feel good myself. We learned now in the garden. Or we walk wit the children. In June will be a tale-competition to the children. So now I collected in the village a few folk tale from the older women, men…And my children learned it. It is very interesting. They are very clever, they are getting better and better in hungarian. We can speak clear with each other. DSCF0767

Here is the period of the snails. In the village people eat it. So we were waiting for the rain, than for the snails. With the younger children we learned the Kicsi külbécs gyere ki…song ( Small snails come out…). I think the song was effective. During the May the whole Máriafalva could eat roasted snails. 🙂 And the children could play with them.


In May we have one of the most important religious holiday, Pünkösd(Pentecost). There is a huge pendecost pilgrimage in Csíksomlyó. Nowdays this is one of the symbol of the Hungarian. So I went with the MCSMSZ (the Association of Hungarian Csangos from Moldova) to Csíksomlyó. We would like to make money for the association and for the children. We sold books, CDs, toys, handycrafts.


…and the Gyimes.


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