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My name is Edit Váli, from Hungary.

I am volunteer, in Moldova- it is the part of the East Romania.

Why am I here? It’s begun in Szeged, on the university. I learned ethnography and I got to know the culture of the Hungarian Changos (in hungarian: “csángó”) in Moldova. Then I would like to use their name on this way: csángó.

So firstly I would like to write a few lines about the Hungarian Csángó’s culture. They live in Romania, They live as a minority culture in an area with a romanian majority. In their area there is no bigger Hungarian population, like for example in Transylvania the Székely population. And because of Moldova has never been part of Hungary during the history, the contact with the other Hungarians or with the hungarian bigger historical events was always hard.

Because of this izolation their culture is very interesting, they’ve preserved a rich medieval hungarian culture. The bygone arises in their folk music, folk songs, ballads and beliefs.

And of course because of this Romanian ring and as a consequence of the romanian assimilation policy: 75 % of the Changoes has lost its Hungarian origin and language, but 25% of them still uses (Hungarian) mother tongue beside Romanian.

This is the reason why I wanted to come in Moldova to teach hungarian language to the Csángó children. We can not afford to be lost this very invaluable Csángó culture.

And about my life 🙂

I arrived in Moldova, in Bákó (Bacau) on th 6th of  October 2012. On my first 2weeks I lived in the town, in Bákó, in a block with Éva, who is one of the leader of the Association of Hungarian Csangos in Moldova. I had to livein the town why the owner of the house made a big cleaning in the hosue, in my village….

So Bákó.

I think one of the most indecorous and filthy town in Romania (on the world? 🙂

Everywhere there is just concrete and blocks with a lot of rubbish.


photo from internet