The June was the best. Welcome Summer! 🙂 We were with the children in a lots place.

Firstly we hathe tale-competition. I had 4 children. They were very clever. It was great to listen them. One year ago they did not say in hungarian Jóreggelt! (good morning). And now they told a full tale. I really do not mind the hard winter time, the solitude. It works and worth it!

I ran around the village to collect traditional costume to the four children. Fortunately I/we found all of them. They were just gorgeous 🙂 Every competitor had to make something illustration about their tales. We had to make four! It was a very good feeling how the children helped to each other. Every child who learn in the hungarian school helped to the four competitors. And one of the illustration was so beautiful that the jury gave a special award for it.


…and Florentina in the mese-katrinca (tale-shroud skirt); special award


After the tale-competition we had a soccer competition, in Ferdinándújfalu. We stood just on the seventh place, but we do not mind! It was just a game. Alltough the boys were very disappointed, they would like to cry 😦 It was sad to see them. I would like to also cry because of their sad faces.


And there is still no end of  June. There was a perfect weekend in Trunk. The teacher in Trunk, Lala, made a fantastic csángó folkdance camp! The children could learn dances, songs, play on flute or on koboz ( it is special csángó plucked musical instrument). The atmosphere of the camp was perfect. he children could meet other csángó children. And of course the teachers could meet each other.

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