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In the end of the July I went to home with my parents for a short time. And it was strange but I missed my other home, in Máriafalva. One girl from Máriafalva ,Nikoletta, came with us to Hungary. On the ways we stopped in a few beautiful places, e.g. Békási szoros, Gyergyó, Torockó…


During the time I spent at home I was always thinking of the children…


…of the village


…of Moldova



I was at home after the easter-time. I collect power at home, I could wash myself in the bathtub. The days are longer and longer, so I feel myself much better. We can play outside with the children football, baseboll, and we just feel the spring 🙂 We walk in the forest to collect fair maid or with the women to collect nettle. They say, the fresh nettle is the best to the body. It cleans your body, your venas, and makes fresh blood. No more winter tiredness or laziness.

In April was the day of Szent György (St. George). People say in the village his day is the first spring day! They take Szent György virága (St.George’s flower) the top of the fence. Szent György comes on the night and he gave good fortune and happiness for the houses where are flowers.

We took this flowers to the school with the children.


People in the village started to sow and plant. I was happy I could help to them, and I could move outside. I try to help to everybody who helped to me. E.g. I helped to hoe or to prun the vines, or to crumble the corn.



The February was a little harder than the other months. The days were very short, and the evenings with dark were too long. So I’ve said I am alone in the house, I have no internet, no Tv…Just my laptop with 6 films! During this wintertime I watched the Monty Python and the Holy Grail maybe thirty times. The snow was big, so I could not move out from the village.

Of course the village and the people helped me. They always invited me to their house.

The birthday of my hostess and my birthday is on the same day, so we made a birthday party together 🙂 She made chocolate cake to me 🙂 It is very very kind 🙂

I can say about this people, they are not envious. They have no money, just there is what they make in their garden…But they always give me something, unselfishly. They saw, I am alone, I have not got anybody, any relative in the village, so they would like to help and to make I feel myself good, like in a family….

A huge thanks to them for these.


The wintertime, the cold and the snow made a closer relationship between me and the children. We were together in the small warm schoolroom, we played, talk to each other…It was an amazing feeling when they come to my hosue on my birthday. The said me in hungarian: Isten Éltesse tanítónéni! ( Happy Birthday!) They gave me something small gifts, e.g. handycrafts, plastic flowers, or a few children gave me stuffed animal. I would like to weep…It was just beautiful. They have just a few toys at home, and they gave me yet.


The wintertime is the period of the weave. Some women in the village make it still. They invited me to try it. Mónika, the young woman, has got a loom at home. She makes haversacks, sheets, homespuns, wall hangings in every wintertime. She makes them for the wedding of her daughter. It is a tradition that every girl has to take homespuns to their new house. Its name is: zesztre (dowry). DSCF0385


I’ve come back. It was a very good feeling. The children were waiting for me. Bácsi János helped to me with the sleigh to go in the village.

The children were hanging on my neck 🙂 I went to visit the families with whom I am on good terms.

The children showed me the goat-costume in what they dress up on the New Years Eve. They use this costume to oust the bad ghosts and waiting for the new, good year.


During January we got another packets. The children will be spoiled 🙂


They usually got copybooks, pencils or clothes. Does not matter what it is, they are just happy. Sometime it is hard to make a decide to wich child shall I give gift. Some of them comes to me and to the hungarian school if they know I will give something. Otherwise I can not see them on my lessons. It was hard to say them: Sorry, I do not give the packet to you, But they have to learn: Something for something.

I am here since october. And the village is really opened. I have a few good frinds. Because of there is not so many my age young in the village, I am in a good relationship with the older women. I love to be with my hostes, néne Anna and with her neighbour, néne Ilona. During this wintertime we meet a lot in the evenings. They tell me about their life, about the life of the village. We usually drink mulled wine…the athmosphere is just great! 🙂




December is coming and of course with the cold and with the snow. And with the mouses. They feel the warm of my szóba (furnace) and would like to come in my room, in my bed…I hate mouses! Grrrrrrrrrrr :O 🙂

But my hostess, néne Anna, was very kind with me. She gave me Virág (Flower), her a big cat. Ever since the mouses still live with me and Virág’s lots of small fleas. too.

My room is a small 3,5 x 3,5 m2 cell. In one of the corner is my bedroom, in the other is my kitchen, in the third is my office with my dinner and in the fourth is the furnace. My washed dresses are hanging from my ceiling….But stop! I’ve choosen this life, and anyway I like it 🙂

The children help to me a lot. They talk to me, they are happy with me. They always visit me, does not matter it is school or it is not.

We are learning songs for the Christmas time, and making handycraft.

The athmosphere is very friendly and familiar.


The end of december we made the Christmas celebration. Kind people sent to the children gifts. It was great, but snow was so huge that the cars or the tractors could not come in the village. So my host, bácsi János helped to me. He has horse and sleigh 🙂 It was perfect. I felt myself like Santa.


The Christmas celebration was great. The arents came with the children. We sang together…I never will forget how happy were the kids. Their small eyes were shining. And they were very thankful. DSCF1387

After the celebration I went to home. I was very exciting. I missed my home, my family, my friends…the bathroom…the warm cook…the warm room 🙂