I was at home after the easter-time. I collect power at home, I could wash myself in the bathtub. The days are longer and longer, so I feel myself much better. We can play outside with the children football, baseboll, and we just feel the spring 🙂 We walk in the forest to collect fair maid or with the women to collect nettle. They say, the fresh nettle is the best to the body. It cleans your body, your venas, and makes fresh blood. No more winter tiredness or laziness.

In April was the day of Szent György (St. George). People say in the village his day is the first spring day! They take Szent György virága (St.George’s flower) the top of the fence. Szent György comes on the night and he gave good fortune and happiness for the houses where are flowers.

We took this flowers to the school with the children.


People in the village started to sow and plant. I was happy I could help to them, and I could move outside. I try to help to everybody who helped to me. E.g. I helped to hoe or to prun the vines, or to crumble the corn.


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