Until november I really could feel the village accepted me.  People invited me to their home, they talked to me, and they started to unfold there small life what is behind the fences, in their home. I like it because I know they like me, but sometime the informations were too much. I am just a teacher from an other place, and they can understand I have to be in a good friendship whit the whole village and I can not hate X.Y. why Y.X. do not like him/her.

So maybe it is the hardest thing in Máriafalva, to be objectiv, and to be in the middle, not on the right or the left side.

Anyway during this few weeks the children and people in Máriafalva became part of my life. And I love this life 🙂

In the school I have only 20 children from 3 until 14 yeras old.  The village is very small, so this 20 children are the total. And they come EVERY day! It is fantastic. I’ve maden three groups, and each group has 1-1,5 hours to learn hungarian. Firstly it was hard, they do not speak in hungarian, and I do not speak in romanian….But now, in november, the passive hungarian vocabulary of the bigger children have come out, so the conservation is much better.

We learn grammar, of course, but I try to teach them with games, so we play a lot. I collect traditional folksongs, ballads, games and than I try to teach back. It is very interesting: I teach the children but actually the village teaches me.


…and the girls


During my collection I can make a closer contact with the people mainly with the women. I go with them to make pálinka ( it is a traditional hungarian hard alcohol drink). Or they invite me to cook, and of course to eat dinner 🙂

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