July, the end of the school-term. I am getting to be sad…The end of this period in Moldova, in Máriafalva is too close. I try to be more with the children and with the village.

At the begining of July I was very excited. I was waiting for my parents and my relativs. They would like to visit me, to see where I am. It was a very strange feeling when they arrived. Thousands of miles away from my home. Firstly when I showed them my house my parents got a smaller shock. They could not realise why am I here in the poverty.

Anyway they felt good themselves. They understood each other well with the people in the village.


My family brought lots of clothes, toys, books, sweets, foods to the children. So I made a school year cloosing ceremony, a speech day. We sang and danced. We showed what we learned during the year. After the ceremony I gave a diploma to the children. And of course they got the lots of gifts, the donation.

We had a musician so we danced and made a fantastic party 🙂DSCF3888

…the “dwarfs”DSCF3977

…and with the older “dwarfs”


Finally the dance with everybody.


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