I’ve come back. It was a very good feeling. The children were waiting for me. Bácsi János helped to me with the sleigh to go in the village.

The children were hanging on my neck 🙂 I went to visit the families with whom I am on good terms.

The children showed me the goat-costume in what they dress up on the New Years Eve. They use this costume to oust the bad ghosts and waiting for the new, good year.


During January we got another packets. The children will be spoiled 🙂


They usually got copybooks, pencils or clothes. Does not matter what it is, they are just happy. Sometime it is hard to make a decide to wich child shall I give gift. Some of them comes to me and to the hungarian school if they know I will give something. Otherwise I can not see them on my lessons. It was hard to say them: Sorry, I do not give the packet to you, But they have to learn: Something for something.

I am here since october. And the village is really opened. I have a few good frinds. Because of there is not so many my age young in the village, I am in a good relationship with the older women. I love to be with my hostes, néne Anna and with her neighbour, néne Ilona. During this wintertime we meet a lot in the evenings. They tell me about their life, about the life of the village. We usually drink mulled wine…the athmosphere is just great! 🙂



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